Friday, 9 January 2015

Formulating Hypotheses

1. Microbial Fuel Cell - Engineering Research
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The microbial fuel cell is an exciting new 2-in-1 power generation/sewage sanitisation that mimics bacterial interactions in nature. The microbial fuel cell works by anaerobic bacteria feeding on food sources (in this case sewage particles in the water) and producing carbon dioxide, protons and electrons as a by-product of anaerobic respiration in an anaerobic environment. These electrons are captured by mediators which are then deposited to an electrode. The electrons then travel along a wire to a second electrode, which acts as an electron sink. There, electrons are collected and converted into working electricity. While power is being generated, the bacteria also digest the sewage particles as food sources and leave behind clean drinkable water for usage.
However, we may have trouble finding and collecting enough anaerobic bacteria for the anaerobic respiration process. Also, a fuel cell on a big scale would be required for decent power generation.

2. Different types of lighting systems suitable for SST - Science Research Type 1 (Hypothesis-driven)
Independent Variable: The type of lighting system that is being used for the test and the voltages applied to he lighting systems.
Dependent Variable: The luminosity of the lighting system.
3 Constant Variables: The distance between the luminosity reader and the luminous part of the lighting system, the type of luminosity reader that we are using for all the lighting systems, and the voltage of the current that we are using to power the different lighting systems.
Hypothesis: LED lights give the highest lux/volts/cost value.
This is our selected topic.

3. Voltage Limits of different light bulbs - Science Research Type 2 (Measure a Value)
Independent Variable: The type of light bulb that is being used for the test.
Dependent Variable: The combustion point of the different light bulbs.
3 Constant Variables: The temperature of the environment where the experiment is carried out.

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